I do it.

The holidays are stressful. You know it; I know it. The dog across the street knows it. So to help alleviate festive woes, we enlisted the help of the guy who’s survived over 1,748 Christmases and counting:  Santa. 

Throughout the weeks and days leading up to December 25th, we pushed out holiday hacks from Kris Kringle himself that helped people relax and #Namasleigh (client request) their Christmas from start-to-finish.

Prime Video Santa - Launch Video

Following the launch, we rolled out more ‘bite-sized’ pieces of content across all social channels. Each piece coincided with Christmas traveling calendars. 

Prime Video Santa - MicroInfluencer

Prime Video Santa - Traveling To Grandma’s

Prime Video Santa - Traveling To Grandma's from Patrick Farrell on Vimeo.

Prime Video Santa - Holiday Chores

Art Director:  Greggy Adriano

“Not Terrible.” — Mark Fenske