I do it.

There’s a fine line between being a “Dad” and being a “Daddy.”  Dad, of course, is sophisticated, mature, and less flashy. Daddy, however, is edgy and dripping with style. We brought this notion to life in an interactive way on Father’s Day for Audi USA with the Instagram Stories Poll feature by letting our audience of 14M followers decide whether particular Audi models are more “Dad, or Daddy?”.

Frame 1: Introduction

Frames 2 & 3:  Audi Q8



Frames 4 & 5:  Audi A6

Frames 6 & 7:  e-tron Concept


Frames 8 & 9:  RS5 Coupe

 Frames 10 & 11:  e-tron SUV

Frame 12:  The End

“Not Terrible.” — Mark Fenske