I do it.

Intel tasked us with creating unique pathways on Instagram that allow followers to learn about new technology like autonomous driving. But how do you show-off your code and processing chips in a compelling way when all your tech is inside larger machines made by other companies?

Hack the ‘tags’ feature.

We’d post a picture of something like the interior of a luxury vehicle and tell followers to tap to reveal the tags of the Intel tech inside it.

From there users could tap on a tag to learn more about that specific technology. Say someone selects Convolutional Neural Network... the next page would be an Intel branded page for Convolutional Neural Nets.

Just like with the initial post, users could dig deeper into Autonomous Driving and Convolutional Neural Nets by clicking a tile on the grid- essentially repeating the process all over again.

Tapping on “Input Neurons” sends you deeper into the funnel to an Intel branded page on Input Neurons. 

In the end, we created an ecosystem to house and display all of Intel’s behind the scenes accomplishments in a seamless way for very low cost.

“Not Terrible.” — Mark Fenske