I do it.

Winnebago needs to expand outside the usual Baby Boomers. To do so, we're reminding people that normal vehicles only give you what is on the inside of the car. But when you buy a Winnebago, you get a Winnebago and all the places you can drive it.



Having a guy live in a Winnebago in weird places like a river barge or a billboard will get the brand some attention. And we'll use the app Periscope to let people have a look inside.


Periscope streams live video anywhere in the world. It's basically a live SnapChat.

Now users can see what is going on inside the oddly placed Winnebago. Voyeurism at its finest.

We'll also be renting out Winnebagos on AirBnb to give the younger audience a fresh way to experience the brand. We'll have our own thumbnail on the homepage.

This turns AirBnb into a digital and interactive showroom for Winnebago.

Even If people select a city instead of Winnebago, we'll still be easy to find through moving GPS markers. Say someone searches San Francisco:

Winnebago - AirBnb from Patrick Farrell on Vimeo.

AD: Sarah Ross

“Not Terrible.” — Mark Fenske